Omega: Sigmascape V3.0 (Normal)



Phase 1 Alerts

  • The arena has a barrier along the edge that should be avoided - hitting it will cause damage and a paralysis debuff.
Load Program
  • The boss will occasionally load 1 of 4 programs during the fight, each of which contains different mechanics explained below.
  • Players can predict which program will be loaded by looking at the screens positioned on the outside of the arena - they will display an image of the enemy associated with the variation of the attack.

Magitek Ray
Everyone Column AoE

Important Notes:
  • Targets a single player - move out of the column to avoid being hit.

Arm & Hammer
Tank Healer Tankbuster

Important Notes:
  • Hits the primary threat target for moderate damage - heal and cooldown as necessary.

Load Program

Important Notes:
  • Pay attention to the screens outside of the arena to predict which program the boss is about to load.
Everyone Circular AoE Column AoE Spawn Proximity AoE
  • This attack begins with circular AoEs under each player that can be baited into one location - move away as necessary.
  • Circular AoEs will then appear under multiple players that will spawn tentacles that hit with heavy column AoEs - dodge.
  • Ultros will spawn and should be picked up by the off-tank and burned down.
  • The boss will target a single player wih Chain Cannon and hit their location with a circular AoE - move out to avoid damage.
  • This same location will then be targeted by Main Cannon, a proximity AoE - move as far away as possible.
Everyone Knockback Mechanic Spawn
  • This program starts with a knockback - players should stand near the boss and have their backs facing a corner to avoid being knocked into the barrier.
  • 8 Chakra Burst AoEs will spawn - 1 player must stand in each to avoid damage and debuffs.
  • Dadaluma will spawn and should be picked up by the off-tank - burn him down and avoid Aura Cannon, a column AoE.
Air Force
Everyone Point Blank AoE Mechanic Spawn
  • This program begins with a point blank AoE aroud the boss - move out of melee range to avoid being hit.
  • Missile Simulation summons missiles around the edges of the arena that travel across slowly - avoid these as they hit for heavy damage.
  • Bomb Deployment will summon bombs that contain figure 8 shaped coils - 1 player must stand in the loop that glows brightest.
  • Air Force will spawn and should be picked up by the off-tank - burn this spawn down and avoid its massive cone AoE.
Everyone Mechanic Spawn
  • This attack begins with multiple circular summoning AoEs - 3 players must stand in EACH circle to lock it and prevent it from summoning an extra add.
  • Bibliotaph will spawn and should be picked up by the off-tank - burn him down and avoid his point blank AoE.

Diffractive Plasma
Healer Raid Wide AoE

Important Notes:
  • This attack hits the whole group for moderate damage - heal as necessary.

Everyone Red Marker

Important Notes:
  • 1 player will be targeted with a red marker and be hit for damage and a fire damage up debuff.