Omega: Sigmascape V2.0 (Normal)


Demon Chadarnook

Phase 1 Alerts

  • Players should be wary of the boss possessing multiple paintings at once - the Paint duty action cannot be used when mounted, so players should activate the Fire buff / boulder before mounting when necessary.
  • If tethered to the boss, run away until the tether breaks.
Duty Action: Paint
  • Using paint while standing on a canvas will provide you with a mechanic or buff that allows you to avoid the attack generated by the painting next to that canvas.
  • When the boss moves to the centre of the room and begins to possess a painting, use paint on the correct canvas to avoid the attack.

Demonic Howl
Healer Raid Wide AoE

Important Notes:
  • This attack hits the whole group for moderate damage - heal as necessary.

Demonic Shear
Tank Healer Tankbuster

Important Notes:
  • This attack hits the primary threat target for moderate damage - heal and cooldown as necessary.


Important Notes:
  • The boss will move to the centre of the arena and begin to possess 1 or 2 paintings.
  • Each painting has a canvas in front of it that can be painted using the Duty Action to avoid it's respective painting's effect.
  • Note that if you activate a mount you can no longer use your Paint action - be sure to activate buffs or boulders before mounting when necessary.
Fire Painting & Water Canvas
Everyone Duty Action Raid Wide AoE
  • All players must use Paint on the water canvas to receive a Fire Damage Down buff that will negate the damage from this attack.
Earth Painting & Airship Canvas
Everyone Duty Action Raid Wide AoE
  • All players must use Paint on the airship canvas to mount an Airship to avoid the earthquake - all players on the ground will be hit.
Water Painting & Boulder Canvas
Everyone Duty Action Raid Wide AoE Knockback Circular AoE
  • 1 player must use Paint on the boulder canvas to summon a boulder - all other players must hide behind this boulder to avoid the attack.
  • Immediately after, multiple water spout circular AoEs will drop around the arena - avoid as necessary.
Wind Painting & Mount Canvas
Everyone Duty Action Mechanic Area AoE
  • 1 player must use Paint on the mount canvas and then use the mount's pet bar skill to knock Easterly adds away from players.
  • The Easterly adds will eventually trigger large circular AoEs that cover most of the arena - knock them out of the centre towards the edges to create a safe space.

Everyone Prey Marker Circular AoE

Important Notes:
  • Players marked for this attack will have multiple circular AoEs dropped on their location - avoid dropping them on others.

Demonic Pain
Everyone Tether

Important Notes:
  • Players will be targeted by a pink tether and be required to run away from the boss until the tether turns purple and subsequently breaks.

Flash Gale
Everyone Stack

Important Notes:
  • 1 player will be marked with a stack marker - all other players should stack on their location to soak damage.