FFXIV Pocket Guide

Field Dictionary

This page provides reference for the fields used to create a Guide on the site.

Summary Information

The following fields provide basic information about the duty.


title string

The name of the Duty. Should match what’s in Duty Finder.

Ex. Brayflox’s Longstop


slug string

Simplified name of the duty for use in the URL and file name. Use hyphens for spaces and lower case, only characters.

Ex. brayfloxs-longstop


categories select

The expansion to which the duty belongs. Used by front-end for categorizing the Guide.

Options * Shadowbringers (`shb`) * Stormblood (`sb`) * Heavensward (`hw`) * A Realm Reborn (`arr`) (Values to store in data indicated in parentheses.)


description text

Guide’s description (Shows up in Google Search) with name of duty and names of bosses within.

Ex. Read our Guide on the 8 man raid Omega: Deltascape V2.0 (Normal) where you’ll face off against Catastrophe.


image image

Upload an image representing the duty. Provide two images, a Primary image (1500px Wide) and Thumbnail (500px Wide).

Ex. of File Path


terms list string

Search Terms (Include Nicknames, Name, Bosses, and Difficulty)

Ex. Stormblood, SB, The Sirensong Sea, Lugat, The Governor, Lorelei, Normal


patchNumber number

Patch number.

Ex. 4.0


patchName string

The name of the patch that it’s from.

Ex. Stormblood, Dreams of Ice

Guide Created Date

date datetime

Date of when guide was created. Leave as the default current date.

Supported Value: Year-Month-Day

Ex. 2018-02-05


difficulty select

The difficulty of the duty.

Options * Normal * Hard * Extreme * Savage * Ultimate

Player Level

plvl number

Player level of the duty.

Ex. 61

Item Level

ilvl number

Minimum item level of the duty.

Ex. 435

Sorting Order

order number

The concatenation of the player level and item level of the duty. Used for sorting the guide on the home page.

Supported Value: ``

Ex. 61435


orchestrion list string optional

The name of the orchestrion roll(s) that drop from the duty.

Ex. Primal Judgement


minion list string optional

The name of the minion(s) that drop from the duty.

Ex. Forgiven Hate

Triple Triad Card

card list string optional

The name of the card(s) that drop from the duty.

Ex. Seeker of Solitude Card

Instance Type

instanceType select

The type of duty.

Ex. trial, dungeon, raid

MTQ Capture Video

mtqvid string custom

Link connected to the MTQ youtube guide of duty.

Ex. https://youtu.be/tT3-1Yb787w

Hidden Fields (Site Administration Only) ### Layout layout | `hidden` `string` Supported Value: `guide_post` Controls which front-end template is used to render the Guide content.

Each Boss added to a Guide uses the following fields. Sections allowing multiple items within a list, which have their own set of fields are separated by dividers.

bosses list of object

Boss Name

title string

Name of Boss(s).

Ex. Otake-maru


sequence list of object

List of Phases within the boss. For bosses without phases, add all information under “Phase 1”.

Ex. Phase #

Phase Number

phase number

The number of the phase.

Ex. 01


alerts list of string

Notes about the phase.

Ex. If the boss raises his arm, run out of melee range.


mechanics list of text

Main mechanics during that phase.

Mechanic Title

mechanics string

Title of the mechanic.

Ex. Duty Gauge: Mateus’ Aether


notes list of text

Notes of specific attacks or mechanics.

Ex. Throughout the fight, circular AoEs will appear at random, dropping boulders from the ceiling - avoid as necessary.

Attack Sequence

attacks list of string

Sequence of attacks that boss uses.


Boss Attacks

Each boss’s attack will use the following fields.

attacks list of object (Will be at the same hierarchy of Phases, not to be confused with the Attack Sequence defined within each phase.)

Attack Name

title string

Name of the attack.

Ex. 100-tonze Swing

phases list of number

The first Phase the attack appears in.

Ex. 02


roles select multiple

Which role the attack is directed to.

Options * Tank * Healer * Melee DPS * Ranged DPS * Everyone


tags select multiple

Which kind/type of attack is being used.

Options * Cone AoE * Circular AoE * Puddle AoE * Donut AoE * Column AoE * Area AoE * Point Blank AoE * Raid Wide AoE * Proximity AoE * Cross AoE * Figure 8 AoE * Knockback * Cleave * Buff * Debuff * Tankbuster * Stack * Spread * Tether * Stun * Mechanic * Animation * Spawn * Ultimate * Active Time Maneuver * Marker

Duty Actions

dutyActions list of string

Ex. Vril


notes list of text

Notes about the attack.

Ex. Throughout the fight, circular AoEs will appear at random, dropping boulders from the ceiling - avoid as necessary.