Cape Westwind (Normal)


Rhitahtyn sas Arvina

Phase 1 Alerts

  • This boss is relatively straight forward and will burn down quickly.
  • Melee attackers should move away from the boss when the text cue appears, indicating that the boss is about to hit the group with Magitek Missile in his immediate vicinity.
Attack Script
  • [Fire Puddle AoE
  • Magitek Missile]
  • [Repeat]
  • Cohort Optio x2

Fire Puddle AoE
Everyone Puddle AoE

Important Notes:
  • The boss will drop random fire Puddle AoEs around the arena - avoid as necessary.

Magitek Missile
Everyone Area AoE

Important Notes:
  • The boss will target the area he's standing in with a massive AoE - tanks can help players avoid being hit by moving the boss away from the group when the text cue appears on screen that the boss is readying the attack.

Cohort Optio
Everyone Spawn

Important Notes:
  • At around 2/3's of his HP, the boss will spawn two of these adds at the gate - the off-tank should pick them up and DPS should burn them down.