The Bowl of Embers (Normal)



Phase 1 Alerts

  • Tanks should keep Ifrit facing away from the group at all times.
  • All players should switch to attacking the Infernal Nail as soon as it spawns to avoid death during Hellfire.
Attack Script
  • [Incinerate
  • Eruption]
  • [Repeat]
  • Infernal Nail & Hellfire
  • [Incinerate
  • Eruption
  • Radiant Plume]
  • [Repeat]

Tank Cleave

Important Notes:
  • Tanks should face Ifrit away from the group at all times to avoid hitting them with this wide cleave.

Everyone Puddle AoE

Important Notes:
  • A single random player will be targeted by this attack - it is indicated by glowing cracks below their feet - run out of the affected area as soon as possible.

Infernal Nail & Hellfire

Infernal Nail
Everyone Spawn
  • Players need to switch to attacking the nail immediately after it spawns - if it is left alive when Ifrit casts Hellfire, the party will wipe.
Everyone Ultimate
  • Ifrit will leap into the air and hit the entire arena with a fire AoE - kill the Infernal Nail to avoid death and heal/cooldown as necessary.

Radiant Plume
Everyone Area AoE

Important Notes:
  • This attack has two patterns that place circular AoEs on large portions of the arena.
  • The first pattern places them at the center of the arena, while the second pattern places them around the outer edge - avoid as necessary.